Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Points of interest.

Some one called me, and as all conversations go, it went something to the effect of:
"Hey, what ya doing?"
"ohhh, nothing."

Nothing is a default. I'm never not doing anything. I mostly just don't want to go into detail as to the activity at hand. Plus, I am more interested in why I was granted the pleasure of a call. During the conversation previously mentioned, I was shredding an encyclopedia in a paper shredder for an undisclosed project.
Maybe I was embarrassed by my private interest, but that's just the kinda stuff I'm into. I am not as dull as I lead on. I will repeat that sentiment to myself until it rings true.

in the last two week or so I:
went to LA Farmers Market. Road an Asian Elephant named Kitty. Made a fabulous dinner for me and a few choice guest. Orchestrated and transported two motorcycles. Viewed quite a few shows. Was in a wedding(my forth.) Made it to San Diego twice in one day. Went to my first State Fair. Talked my way out of yet another ticket. Visited a handful of museums. Cleaned a carburetor all by myself. Explored the Eastern seaside. Started writing notes of secret things in shorthand. Bonded with the boy. Finished 4 books. Did some more altering. hunted in the Fashion District for fabric. climbed a mountain. Averted near death, once again. Jumped off some rocks into the ocean.

I wish we were friends.

Monday, June 21, 2010

the Bard reincarnated

Hudson: "They act like its the most decisionated thing to make."
McKenna: "That's not a real word."
Hudson: " I know, I'm making up words. Call me Shakespeare."

What a cocky kid, probaly why I like him so much.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Subtle hints towards an eviction notice.

Shanna: (walking in through the door) We found you a house to move into.
Moi: Are you kicking me out?
Shanna: I wouldn't say that, but if you get 2 room mates it would be perfect.
Moi: But are you asking my too leave?
Shanna: It's two blocks up from PCH in Laguna by the hospital and 10th, really adorable and you guys could spilt the rent. You should do it!
Moi: Clearly your not going to answer my question.

It would be nice if I would actually do it, to find roommates and move to Laguna Beach. But frankly, I don't want roommates. There are few I would agree to live with, with age comes 'pick-y-ness'. Preferably I don't want roommates at all "A house (room) of ones own." Apparently I was spoiled in my last residence and refuses to revert to labeling my food, and separating my DVD's. Plus, there is no easy access to a freeway, PCH is a nightmare being a two lane highway. San Clemente is ideal, I think I'll be stickin around these parts indefinitely.

Thanks for making me feel welcome family.

Somebody bad stole de wedding bell.

It's a video of just the record player, riveting.

I have attended quite a few weddings this summer/spring. Sadly I have not seen one wedding dress that I thought was attractive in the least. I haven't in years but I am a tough one to please, admittedly.
The most heinous dresses have recently walked down the aisle. Have we all forgot to consider body shape and structure. Neglecting to select a dress to complement and flatter your figure it the most devastating mistake one could make. "It's all in the fit."
Please note stark white makes you look like fondant icing, I cant think of a soul who enjoys fondant, or at least one I would associate with. Eggshell or cream suits skin tones exponentially better.
This must be the decade of cap sleeves, enough already. Is there no one bold enough to try a 3/4's or, dare I say, a lace long sleeve? (think 1920's gala.) How is it all brides have shunned the idea of seasons. You don't wear short sleeve full length dresses in the winter- period.
The Mermaid, and or Flamingo Dancer cut is an atrocity to the craft dressmakers.
I have come to the conclusion everyone forgets how important foot ware is, regardless if your shoes can not be seen all the time, this does not mean you should dismiss the impact a stunning heel can make. Personally, the shoe trumps all. I know this is a stance not support by many, but I am firm in this opinion no matter.
And if I hear another 'soon to be wife' say "I got this dress because I felt like a princess!" I will projectile vomit all over your ruched ball gown with the applique encrusted with crystals. There is some psychological implications that need to be addressed before you can be deemed competent enough you agree to such a binding union.
Possibly, I am cruel to say such things on one of the most important days in these sweet girls lives. They all looked stunning, happy, & glowing, to say they were blushing brides is a correct cliché. Regardless, I call them as I seem them. this epidemic can not be ignored or aloud to continue. one of two things have got to be happening. Either they are unable to make rational decisions on attire, because of the overwhelming sensation which comes with the knowledge this inevitable day has arrived OR our culture, as a whole, is horribly tasteless. half & half maybe?

I don't have the time to go into the music choices that have been made recently. All I can do is shake my head and bit my tongue.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Was A Rich Man's Plaything

The title alone had me sold. I have been wooed over by Eduardo Paolozzi, his collages are the objects of my hearts desire. Smitten with mixed mediums, Eduardo has let us join him on his journey to "investigate how we can fit into the modern world to resemble our fragmented civilization through imagination and fantasy."
I Was A Rich Man's Plaything 1972

Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing? 1956

BUNK! 1971

Meet The People 1948

Rational order in the technological world can be as fascinating as the fetishes of a Congo witch-doctor – scientific phenomena become significant images. (Eduardo Paolozzi)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"He had beautiful hair."

Yes, it is quite possible that the illusive Sasquatch has become crafty enough to desquised himself with a blond, full body, weave. Ever evolving new skills and tactics to evade capture and recognition.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Greetings from spaceship number 3

-Two days = 13 hours of Thai Buddhist Monk Ceremony. I can safely say it falls in the "Top 10 most incredible things that I have participated in" bracket.
- Started learning shorthand. I bought a 1949 textbook at the thrift store. I need someone to learn as well so we can send messages back an forth in obsolete means.
- My room got called a "Costume Room." I happily agree.
- Boston & New York Trip is looking like New York is gonna be out. Only Boston and surrounding areas. NY deserves my undivided attention. so that is gonna be this fall
- I prefer to dabble in all things than to commit to just one.
- Missed the showing of Cremaster Cycle, sad face.
- I'd like a job at the airport strictly for the perks. I could careless for money.
- Argus is a lot cooler now that he is older. He ripened into quite a fine hound.