Monday, March 29, 2010

"We live in an infirmary."

"We live in an infirmary," was the delcareation my mother stated a few short hours ago...

An Accurate Estimate

I kinda really love this film. I'm not sure if the endearing poor editing and the missing plot line made me love it so. of the early attempts in animation got me hooked. there were some good line in it, that's true. I'll need to view it one more time to get a good feel for it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Season's & their relation to decades.

Having an out-of-wack biological time clock, is quiet interesting. I dont sleep till 4 am, yet wake at nine, for rounding and hour, then fall back asleep till 11:30ish. then i get uncomfortably warm, since the skylight sun hits me and refuses to give me the darkness i request to slumber.
Season are another game entirely. I will be so bold as to diagnose myself as having S.A.D.

Winter are my hibernation months, i scarcely go out, make a plethora of baked goods, and take numerous baths consecutively, possibly more than one a day. communication via telephone- its non existent. thank goodness my hometown motto boast "the best climate in the world." basically season less. spring, summer, and then fall for the winter months. those are long gone. now, i have emerger from the cacoon of solitude, streching forth the wings of spring.

I found i relate to certain eras dependant on our currant calender:

Spring- 1960's almost exclusively. sometimes Paris, 1990. spring is what we are currently in now, and im loving it.

Summer- the Au Natural movement of the 1970's and the mid 90's. Not to be mistaken for hippie garbage or grunge, i loath hemp and tiedye moo moos. natural face make up, jeans, and a white tee shirt. If i need to dress up for something a bit, i channel my 1920's English country side. think Gatsby's, with an English flair.
*Summer is tricky and needed some explaining

I thought this cute and appropriate. i started my netflixs trail last night, and "who are you polly maggoo?" will be in my hands tomorrow. I have wanted to see this 1966 Soto mockumentary for eons, but its 43$ plus shipping on Amazon, not going to buy something i dont love. edie has nothing to do with the movie. i just like this.

ft artist: robin rhode

I like the look of his berlin studio. plus, he has "special chalk" shoes made specifically for him. I got invited to go see his work, i think you should see it too. look at LACMA's website, his exhibition is showing there. they have a good video happening as well.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

& Sold

Another major point on my travel list of "must." go to Spain to wander the halls of Dali. I need some one to agree to go with me at the end of may/ june. i priced tickets, and its do-able.
Shanna's never ending fear that I will get snatched up by woman trafficking fiends, is a bit of a hurdle. when proposed with the idea Dr. Kaeleigh & I would bike the coast from Bruges, to Amsterdam for our birthdays, this was basically her only concern. "if a guy was going with you that's a different story, but not two girls alone." still confused by that comment, we seeked for a remedy. trying to enlist Jonah Crowley to be our chaperon we were hopeful. he didn't believe we were serious, thus refusing to offer assistance. The idea was scrapped. But maybe a more probable excursion will come to fruition.

"Artist are whore, just like the rest of us."

Just one more documentray i need to see/ possibly own.

of Montreal European Tour 2009: Family Nouveau Trailer from Spenser Simrill, Jr. on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

healthy, wealthy & wise

no child left behind.

-for the fast maturing toodlers.

google: "appalachian mountain dew addiction." I watched dian sawyers 2 hours report on the happeneings entitled, 'A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains'
eye opening.

giddy up.

"papa says it wont hurt us"

this is an add promoting clean undercarragies. dont be banished from the one you love, use lysol.


Fun with sterotypes!

Nama can recall whole sonnets of poetry. she can sing all verses to long forgotten songs. here is a taste of today's sampling. Apparently my Grampie Kenneth sung this to Nama during there engagement and sung it to put my father to sleep as a tike.

My Pretty Little Indian Napinee

When a white man fished one summer
Met an Indian girl, a hummer
Daughter of th big Chief, Spare-th-rod
White man threw some love an' glances
Took th maiden to our dances
Smoked th pipe of peace, took chances
Livin' in a teepee made of fur
He rode with her on an Indian pony
Bought 'er a diamond ring, a phoney
An' these loving words he'd say to her

You're my pretty little Indian Napinee
Won't you take a chance an' marry me
Your Father's th Chief, an' it's my belief
To a very merry wedding, he'll agree
True you're dark little Indian maid
But I'll sunburn to a darker shade
I'll wear feathers in my head
Paint my face an Indian red
If you'll only be my Napinee

Thursday, March 18, 2010

captivate an audience

they look like they are just having a blast. I like the piano player the best.

poor alex chilton.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Classless generation

Guarder belts and stockings, forgotten treasures from the past. To have the quiet satisfaction to know you are wearing such a magnificent piece under your mundane, everyday, ensemble; it's empowering. A boost in ones self confidence can not be avoided. Exponentially classy, plus hands down, beats any mini skirt, baby doll dress, and hot short. i look for every excuse to sport one.

Monday, March 15, 2010

destination located

I have my eyes set on Riga, Latvia. It bost the largest collection of Art Nouveau Architecture in the world. I checked their travel site.

You want to go too, right? you have to be blind if you dont.

Restless intervoles

I sat at a train station for near an hour today. I keep thinking to my self, i'll get on the next one. I was planning on just going to LA for the day, or something like that. I might of just had an urge to ride the train. I can't tell you how close i was to buying a ticket to ride. It was really close. This is my warning sign that screams I need to go on another vacation. As I have charted my times of restlessness, which i have not, I have deduced that about every 15 to 21 days I need to escape for a mental health vacation.
I traveled to Utah for a weekend of bliss with the boss-syths but that was at the end of February. my biological clock is telling me in due for another excursion. I love to travel, and I used to often. this drought of perfect weather and beautiful scenery needs to changed up a bit. I get anxious and drive around at inappropriate times of night, by myself. I read out loud in an unexplainable English accent (a poor one might i add). so who's with me? who would like to go on an adventure? I'm a lovely travel companion and don't believe in schedules, i just like to wing it. so if you need some one to join you for a journey of a life time. I got time, I got the cash, parentals have all ready relinquished me of my care giving duties, so im set. now i just need a place to go.

All applicants and suggestions welcome

Friday, March 12, 2010

New lifestyle happenings

"Youth is Wasted on the young."

Aint that the truth.
I am a feeble old hag now. I listen to Bach on repeat for the entirety of the day. some people around here think Beethoven was pompous, and refuses to listen to French dinner music, so Bach it is. I wear hostess aprons about the house, all hours of the day. (if you are not fimilar with hostess aprons, refer to the bottom of the page.) I also have been wearing more sensible shoes. this is shocking to even me, since i prefer heels to mask my Pygmy-compairable size. I bought a gorgeous pair of L.A.M.B.'s three weeks ago, yet have not worn them once. I keep telling myself its because i am waiting for the right venue to take them out for the test run, but that's not true. I have picked up the fine art of hand embellished baby blankets. I "pico," "single stitch" and "shell" the edges of really sophisticated baby blankets. let me tell you, they are looking pretty good. for the meer fact i am not in any way expecting, its just something to pass the time. I have gone to the movies twice, by myself, and i like it. that should be a red flag shouldn't it? it should cause some concern, correct? I am addicted to the TCM movie channel, and go to a book club with woman 3 times my age. by the way, the last book we read for it was called "two old woman," and it was terrible. thank goodness we drove to Irvine to hunt down this out of print book, the plus side was that it was only 119 pages long. i didn't waste a whole lot of time, tops two and a half hours. what has happened to me? I remember not to long ago I did interesting, things, I was on my "A" game of cultural events and celebrations. I was a mover and a shaker. apparently the sunset on those days, a new dawn has arrived. one that hauntingly resembles the plot line of the movie Groundhog Day.

hostess aprons pictured above.

monetary things to give pleasure

I have a list of things to own in the future. or another way to put it is, to posses as an adult to prove i have refined taste and have been not a complete failure in the real world. this is quite a collective of items, bare with me. I have already acquire my typewriter though, so that has been marked off.

Hygiene is a a major concern in my book, referring to my vain choice of profession, it is all to important to be well kept. Now thinking of it, that might actually be true. I need a clawfooted bathtub. That's the trophy piece that says "your classy and semi successful. have a nice soak to celebrate."

I received my first type writer this year, and im positively elated. I feel a mass collection of these primitive machines is in my future. this is almost identical to the one i have, yet mine came in a case and you can see the type set organized in a circular pattern. shes a beaut, and a bit better if you ask me. but why is it i dream up things that dreamers can only dream. I would prefer a mauve colored typewriter ribbon, instead of the only two colors available, red and black. I shall purchase my stationary that i have wanted for years, (featured below,) and the ink in my Remington will be mauve/blue/emerald green. black, is too predictable.

I still really want my skateboard. and I had a dream where I had a halfpipe in my backyard and all the children were having a jolly good time. in all honesty, i can go straight on a skateboard, sometimes turn. but If i had this little lady, i would be much more inclined to improve my skills.

if you cant see the picture, this is the picture it is normally. I question why the trucks would good right over her face, someone didn't give this a lot of thought. and yes, i still haven't addressed my questionable love/ obsession with 1950's pin-up's, because there is nothing to address. it is completely acceptable, and not at all in need of questioning.

for some unknown reason i have always wanted my very own neon sign. I also want to go meander through the neon boneyard in las vegas. if and when I own my bakery/ salon/ flower shop/ or other various hobbies i enjoy and make money off of, I will have a art deco neon sign of some sort. if that doesn't pan out i'll just have it somewhere tucked away in my home. I know this one is in a circus like font, but i like it all the same.

A proud and eclectic library is a must have.

i love ladders and curtains
I really love it when people hang framed pictures in front of the bookshelf as well. and I like a medley of things on said self, not just literature but trinkets and such.

There is quite a bit more on this list of mine, but those are surprises and secrets.

I don't like nice cars, i rarely wear jewelry, and I never want a home over 1300 square feet. I'm a simple woman, with clearly simple needs.