Friday, October 30, 2009

How to spend your free time, a learners course.

Today I decided to make a Boston "Scream" Pie. I hate the name, but I acknowledge the fact they were trying to use cleaver word play in loo of the upcoming, Halloween. It was also in fact a cake, not a pie.

I choose to make this for a number of reasons...

1) My mother is coming in town and she makes me treats when I come back to the nest, I can only return the favor.
2) Make my mother see how much I really need a cake plate to properly display my creation.
3) Baking relaxes me, and I feel as if I accomplished something in the end. It is instant gratification, the only kind there should be.
4) I got a incredible idea of writing/ draw something in white chocolate in the frosting. I looked all day for a flat glazed cake recipe and this is the one I stumbled upon.

My new oven creates a bit of a challenge. It doesn't cook evenly, and by even I mean, the sides of your food will be burned yet the middle isn't even warmed yet. It also cooks about 75 degrees hotter than set too. if it says it should be done in 15 to 20 minutes, it is on fire in 7. i set the smoke-alarm off nearly every other day.

Clearly, for such an ambitious dessert, I could not dilly dally with a bipolar oven on the fritz. I went to the Yuma house and took all my supplies there to finish the job. Valorie, a resident of the Yuma house, and long time Picasso, offered to help me in my efforts to come up with something really great to doodle onto my cake. "Lets put your face on it."-Valorie Boss. She was absolutely right, nothing says "Welcome to my new adult lifestyle mum," than a cake with your own image in the frosting.

So that's what we did. Val sketched me out, and put it into frosting. It was perfect. I had never been so happy, and so grateful for her gift of the arts. Truly she is the master of mediums.

End Result:

Every time I open the frig I chuckle. I really do need a cakplate. this shouldn't be hidden from the world.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ellen Von Unwerth

Ellen Von Unwerth is a first-rate German photographer of pleasurable things.

lovely Liv.

Ellen does most the work for Chantal Thomass, but I shan't be repetitive but this is from the same 17century risque Versailles inspired series featured in previous post.

P.Doherty and friend.

lilly allen.


Fraulein Maria.

dita von teese

Monday, October 26, 2009

refined insanity

I awoke at 1 pm. If I, perchance, woke even 2 hours earlier, I could be the owner of a fabulous, handmade, leather mask. I need a male counterpart to wear them for me and strut around the house in his finest suit. I naturally would be wearing my Vintage Kimono, or a breathtaking antique ball gown/ 1920's cocktail dress with a sweater over the top, to make it more casual for everyday house-wear. We could watch documentaries, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or maybe a classic foreign film.(I can picture it and it is divine).
The correlation between my coma-like slumber and being incapable of living my dreams, is alarming. Something will be done to remedy the situation. I shall never miss and opportunity such as this, again. I did enjoy the pictures so much, I stole them to show you how stunning they truly were. My favorite was the Lucifer, and it was on sale for 325$ to 80$! If only I wasn't in need of some much beauty sleep, I could have made this happen.

How could you not fall head over heels for a gentleman such as this? You just can't resist that allure.

I must acquire the facade of Beelzebub

For 30 bones and next day free shipping, you would be beating your self up that same as I.

More men should adopt this stance and ambiance.

Dreamy, yes?

This one tipped the scales at a whopping 340$, but I love it so.

Entire outfit total= 125$ bargain shopper, now if I wasn't narcoleptic this could have really worked out in my favor.

so many more, but these were the cream of the crop

Friday, October 23, 2009

A nod to the St. Petersburg Ballet Company

If only I had the means to progess my interpritive lyrical ballet career, the world would be my oyster.

Orson Welles you dog

Not positive why I watch the entier life storie of Ed Wood Jr. I know nothing of him. But this is the Orginal Vampira, and her ramblings of ex lovers.

You're right, lets not mention that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Laurie and Tod have been married for 19 years of bliss and are going strong. There's to you two.

in need of maturity

I aspire to be one day called an "absolutely fabulous elderly."

nearly positive this is the most smashing woman of 50 I can think of. I would be more than tickled to end up something like this. This is Chantal Thomas. She is the owner and designer of Chantal Thomas, the Lingerie company out of Paris, France. I got a book for Christmas last year and she was featured in it, and a few months back J. Boss bought her back to my attention again. She creates splendid night time romping wear, but I'm more interested in her. She is great. I love/ am intrigued that she wears such masculine clothes yet makes the laciest, girly, froo froo intimates. Refer to images below.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Visual Litterature

One of my favorite books is Steinbeck's, East of Eden. I would recommend it to anyone. It was recommended to me by my father, and I am forever indebted to him for this fantastic suggestion. Steinbeck describes the character in such detail. Cathy/ later in the novel, Kate, was one of the more interesting individuals. The time took to describe her was noticeably long than any of the others.

I was watching TV and it was a season of cycle 10 America's Next Top Model. I had never seen this cycle, since I don't watch the television all to often. They panned over the entire crew of possibles and hopefuls, and I had to double take. Kate, the image of Kate, that I had created of my own design in my head, was on TV. I was so caught of guard by this. They zoomed in on her, it was undoubtedly the sadist child I had read about it.

This had never happened before. I have never seen some one that I made in my consciousness in real life before. I was baffled. I couldn't figure out if, I could have possibly seen this girl before I read the book, and I just picked her out of obscurity and made her my Kate. But I did do a little sleuthing on the World Wide Web, and found some pictures. If you have read the book, tell me you see it to.

Allison Harvard, eerie right?

Clearly, I Have No Time For You.

"Time is a precious thing, never waste it."
- Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory 1971.

Ain't that the truth. Well, I now resided in the heart of a thriving metropolis and things are really on the up swing. I don't have much time for nonsense anymore. I'm a career woman striving to become a funcioning member of high society. It's working out in my favor. This is 24 hours with McKenna Taylor.


-Wake up to alarm, 7:30 am, hit snooze.

-Woken again in 5 minute intervals till 8:00 am.

-Wake up to 2nd alarm at 8:15, hit snooze.

-Got to work by 8:30, discovered shanty town 8:32. Homeless people took over the Spa's parking lot and set up a small village.
Artist Rendition:

-Called the cops on squatters. Watched one guy book it to 7-11, and made the homeless woman tear down there makeshift town and throw away all their blankets in our dumpster. Don't worry, she strategically left her Albertson's shopping cart next to the dumpster and came back and got most of it. Honestly, there were probably 9 huge comforters, a tarp, 4 sleeping bags, and a huge piece of plywood, plus one dog. They set up shop.

-Worked from 8:30-2pm.

-4:00 pm, mailed birthday greetings to a friend, yes it is a Steven Hawking postcard. & no, I truly don't know this person that we'll, I feel like it will be appreciated anyways.

- On the way home I was stopped at a red light and saw the following event; School bus stops. students get off bus including two girls, no older than 15 with CARSEATS. They took their BABIES TO SCHOOL. If you look close enough to exhibit #C, the girl in the purple to the right of the bus and the girl in the black directly to the left, both are holding infants, and I am an eye witness.
Exhibit #C

- Ran more various errands, including buying two birthday presents for upcoming birthdays.

- Got home, made a sandwich, turned on music, came to terms with my actual problem and struggle, with being a, so called, "hoarder." I hoard clippings, this was my attempt to get this serious hazard to my life, in control. ETA 6ish.

You cant see that the clippings covers the entire, next room. I have a problem.

- Went with Boss girls and Jonah to gallery stroll 8:00.

- Went to Red Rock Brewery to eat with Boss's Friend Trent, twas a grand time. We all walked back to my humble abode.

- Watched the motion picture Cry Baby staring Johnny Depp. Superb. Consumed Baby Banana Bites, yes I named of that because I made them, and they were scrumptious.

Favorite Depp movie.

- Lovely company left around 2 am.

- Caught up on my Hulu, by watching It's Always Sunny in Phillidelpia, and Community, and Glee,and viewed the Natalie Portman Rap.

- Sleep at 3:20, roughly.

In conclusion, my life is on the fast track. I can't be toying around, my time is to far to valuable to be bothered with frivolities anymore.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Like a Real Woman

I was speaking to my cousin on the phone yesturday. She just moved back to the states after living in Europe for nearing 10 years, and we are trying to creat a rendezvous to have a grand reuion. She is 25 and is ultimatly one of my favorite persons.

Brit: Hey hoser, what ya up too?
Kenn: Oh ya know, just at the grocery store shopping, like an adult.
Brit: (laugher).....I like how you needed to define the activity and being "adult."
Kenn: This is a new world for me, I need validation on my coming of age.
Brit: It's ok, I mowed the lawn today, like a home owner.

Brittney is in fact a squatter, not an actual home owner. If I had a home, I would want praise for mowing the lawn as well.