Friday, July 31, 2009

A Strange Incounter

I meet and interesting person and feel the need to document the following events.

I sat on a bench for four & a half hours yesterday.
At the beginning I was alone. I was uncomfortable alone, so I called Mum. I had recently talked to her, so we didn't have much to talk about, it was an awkward conversation, to say the least. While struggling to make small talk, a man walked up to me.

Unknown-"Can I sit here with you?"
(I am currently sprawled out laying down on 3/4th of this 6 seater bench)
McKenna- "Well I'm saving this for friends."
Unknown-"Well, I'll leave when they come. I'm just really drunk right now and need to sit."
McKenna-" Sure then. I got no problem with that."

I felt safer with my mother still on the line with me. She would know by the sounds of a struggle that there was an issue at hand and my life was in mortal danger and she would be able to call the authorities and save me from a dire situation. She can think on her feet like that.

Right when I got to my coveted bench, I texted my sweet Jillian Boss to let her know I was in town, and had claimed such a prize winning spot. She showed up shortly after to view and enjoy our fantastic plot. (We were saving these for the Sonic Youth concert, we are not huge fans, but it was an adventure and I'm glad we did it.)
We came to know this drunk Vagabond to be "Curtis." He has lived in Kerns for over 2 years and was catching a bus back to Chico, at midnight. His ex-wife and 5 year old boy lives there. Chico is 70 miles south from Sacramento and about 70 miles inland, as well. Curtis said, in a car you can get from Salt Lake City to Rino in 10 hours, and its another 4 from there, to Chico. The Buses ETA was a whole other story.
He was hit in 2000 by a car and needs a new hip. He has not worked for minimum wage for over 9 years. He used to do roofing for 21 bucks a square and it would probably take him roughly 40 minutes to do one. We averaged his hourly rate to be around 30 an hour. He now works at a desk job and quit that same day.
Him and "his woman" got in a fight and he threw her keys on the roof. He was in an inebriated stupor. He has been walking 45 blocks every day since they broke up, he can't do it anymore with his bad leg, so he "bounced". He first moved here because the Woman he was seeing then, wanted to be closer to her kids and 4 grandbabie's. He wanted me to know that he was dating a hot grandma like in the movie 40 Year Old Virgin. They apparently were all "burn outs" and he "had to call things quit with his old lady."
Curtis was a big fan of Zeppelin, Journey, Boston and Floyd. He admitted to liking 90's girl bands aka, the Go Go's and the Cranberries etc. He also reviled that he watches "E!" TV.
He was thrilled to be sitting with Jillian and I, and called us collectively "way badass girls." Glad he took notice. He showed me his new free lighter that didn't work, but it looked nice and he felt he "broke even" receiving such a gift. It was a "Limited Edition Commemorative 2007 Zippo," gun colored metal. What it was comemorating, none of us were positive. He was angry it was 8$ beer night, and went on comparing how much, of an assortment of alcohols, he could have purchased for the same price.
After using the port-o-potties he was utterly astounded that they have a hand sanitized dispenser installed in the plastic restroom. "It's like you never touched anything. Genius!" He disclosed that he bought a butterfly knife just as a "play thing" and his personal motto is, "Lower your standards. Raise your average." We both decide that once he purchases a car that he should get that on his licence plate.

"Aw man, but I just remembered, in the state of California you can only have 7 letters." -Curtis
In all states in the U.S. you can only have 7 letters

Things went on like this for sometime. He sat with us for about 4:45 till 7:15ish. Finally, our friends showed up and he new the score, he mossied on and sat with some "milfs" he was eyeing the whole time. After the first band, Awesome Color, got done (they were awful,) Curtis showed up again and sat with us till 9:40ish. I think he had a crush, and was slightly taken back that we were nice to him and enjoyed his company. By the time we were done, all of our friends new this homeless wanderer, and were all better people because of this fateful crossing of paths.

ps- Sonic Youth was good, I liked the second half of the set better than the first though.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Caglar Jaun Singeltary

From the documentary "Off the Charts." I know all the words to his songs.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Junk mail or fate?

from: annalee darden
date: Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 6:17 AM
subject: Looking to meet someone worth my time

I like wrestling, and skiing, and sumo. I'm not very sporty though; I
prefer watching competitions on TV.My family breeds dogs, and I am
keen on training them. I am also fond of horse-riding, but I'm no
tomboy: I've got long hair, slim waist, and refined manners.I am a
19-year-old, dark-haired beauty studying Economics. I like to walk for
long hours enjoying rock music.

Waiting for the true beloved

I just received this in my inbox, I have no clue who this is, or how they got my email. For some reason can not delete it. Maybe it's because I feel flattered.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Man of the Hour

Gustav Klimt is momentarily the man of the hour.
Mother and I played the "Memory" game when I was a wee lass. Ya know the kind where all the tiles or cards are flipped over and you have to find the match, who ever has the most matches win? Remember? Well, I had that game but only in "Old Masters and Influence Art." One of them was "Adele Bloch-Bauer I" by Klimt. The whole gang was involved though, I think 50 artist were featured, it was wonderful, I miss it.
Anyways, I watched a documentary 2 nights ago and he had a small spot in it while they talked about his Ceilings he did on Philosophy for the University of Vienna. I was smitten by them.




"Adele Bloch-Bauer I"

From his Femme Fatal series "Judith I"


The man himself, Gustav.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Determining self esteem and worth with facebook.

There is an application of Facebook called Compare People. It is a cruel raking of what people secretly think of you.

I have won, or my highest rankings are:

-Best Dancer No clue how I swung that one.
-Most adventurous I know how I got that one, I have the curiosity of Lewis and Clark
-Funniest I'm just mean, but not enough to make you cry.

My lowest rating, or the categories I lost in are:

-Most Athletic
-Most Intelligent

Ohh come one people! I was on golf team for 3 years! I just don't enjoy the feeling of sweat. I can hold my own in the physical fitness department, thank you. For the "intelligent" side of this story. Your all ignorant pricks. I haven't attened school for over 2 years, yet, still helped 3 people last semester with finals, for classes I had never taken. I went to two schools at the same time for two years during high school. I would say I got the leg up on you low lifes and deserve a break. (I'm proving my self worth and rationalizing my inability to commit to a location and college.) I feel more educated than most of you uncultured animals, so lay off ya hear! Unintelligent, pshh, get real.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Subconscious mumbles.

I just woke up from a dream.

I had a friend who was mentally handy capped or crippled in some way. There was a famous mountain and it was names after her, it started with an "E." Kinda like a Mt. Rushmore. We lost her or, she disappeared purposely one day, and I found out she had been pushing all our friends down this famous mountain. She was wearing a purple shirt, and it was kinda a Sweeney Todd-equste monument. She sang as she pushed them over this barbed wire fence and I am assuming killed them. She put her explaination of "how she did it," to tune. She would take there picture right before, then shove them off. Then she showed us all these pictures, and one was of a child on this mountain and it was me. Her father was now here looking at the snapshot with us. He had a white beard. Then for some reason she put two pictures together to form one, large, panaramic picture. It was of a baby laying on the ground, and me, as a child, finding the baby. The plot thickened, and it seem to be a set up of sometype, that we became friends. I felt alarmed at this photograph. All the sudden, we all were at Japanese food. Then some one brought out a year book like thing and there was a pages of people who have gone to this mountain, and there was one page where my friend Wes was in it, he was sitting by himself on a bench and had kinda clam digger, like jeans on. Another page had my friends Charlie and Stevie, and 2 or 3 other guys I knew, they were sitting on the same bench but weren't looking at the camera. Hartley and some other girls were in a picture as well but they were standing. I wanted to be there, but this mountain was a secret of some sort or you had to make a jorney or treck to it. Plus, my friend, apperantly, was a murderer.
The dream jumped to my kitchen, all our light bulls were out accept one. I got this red flood lamp to bring into the kitchen so I could make pancakes. My friend called and was upset that I didn't go over there to make breakfast like I previously promised? It all had a very creepy feel to it. Then I gave up but I left the burner on down stairs with nothing on it, and went to my room.

I awoke.

Decipher please.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lexicon Lust

My new Favorite words currently are:


Let me use them in a sentence to better inform you.

"You're a cheeky slag!" or "Have you had a snog today?"

Slag-interchangeable about with skank and ho.
Snog- big kiss

I want this Snog Balm, its a lip balm in Australia. what a good stocking stuffer right? I am only thinking of Christmas in July since I put my itunes on random and for 45 minutes it some how only played my large collection of 1940-50's Christmas.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Top 5 is as follows:
(no paticular order)
Charlie Hunnam

Yep. I'm a sucker for a english lad.

Aaron Paul

How much better can he get, ohh lets jsut through Dita Von Teese in the mix. Ultimate win.

James Franco

We watched Freaks and Geeks a bit ago. I have been head over heels since.

Ryan Gosling

Proud to say I have never seen the Notebook. But his bruting "I dont care" ambiance to him gets him on the list.

TIE- Johnny Depp vs. Michael Cera

He's like an empty headed puppy dog, you just wanna hold him and feed him treats. And look at that skin. Perfection

Johnny + amazing sofa = Yes.

But, as they say "wisdom before beauty," Depp is the winner. Maybe next time Canada.

You're welcome.

Let's burn some books!

I have recently acquired a Provo City library card! I naturally proceeded to try to check out some classics and maybe a few documentaries. Looked up "A Clockwork Orange" and "Scoop" neither of which they carried. Classic books both on the 100 Best Books of the Century list that I'm trying to get through that has been provided by New York Times. A bit alarmed at the censorship of a PUBLIC facility, I wasn't aware that it was 1933, I went to go look at the movies I could check out. My library at home is amazing and carries classic foreign films like the "Red Balloon," and "400 Blows," and some fantastic independent documentaries.

All I found was "How to be a Puppeteer," "Travel the World: Spain," "Travel the World: Istanbul," "Travel the World: Germany," "Travel the World: Idaho." Oh how did I forget, I will say more than 35% of all the DVD's were LDS affiliated, the rest were all Children's movies and or terrible PG movies, like "Jack Frost" and that one were Simbad is a genie. So I checked out "Who's afraid of Virgina Woolf?" and "The Dead Poets Society." They didn't even have a Friends of the Library story, in which all old books are sold for 50 cents. (My favorite thing ever is cheap books and or shoes.) Mind you this is a HUGE building, how can they not have anything of value in it??

This is a pathetic excuse for a city funded facility of information and knowledge. It is not there job to filter my choice of literature and media. So I had to go to SLC to get "Scoop," "A Clockwork Orange" was already checked out. Boooo. Thanks Kaeleigh F. for the useage of Libaray Card, I promise I will try to remember to return it on time.

On happier news, Ms. Forsyth and I shall be starting a colabration on a new Blog. DohertyWorld will be round the clock window into the beautiful and tragic, yet fasinating life of Peter Doherty. Look for it, because it is happening.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Visual noise

Concerts I shall be attending soon or already have.

July 9 Bon Iver | Jenny Lewis
July 16 The Black Keys | Human Highway
July 23 M. Ward | Land of Talk
July 18 ABBA the Music : The Symphonic Hits
July 30 Sonic Youth | Awesome Color

August 6 Q-Tip | B.o.B
August 13 Toots and the Maytals | N.A.S.A.
August 20 Iron & Wine | Okkervil River
August 27 Robert Randolph & the Family Band | Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

Septmber 17 Blink-182 and Weezer
September 22 Arctic Monkeys

And probably some more. This is the "defiantly not missing" short list.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday is a precious day

Went to church, listen to my roommate give a thought provoking talk. Came home, made muffins, wore my Kimono, and read.

"Those who make religion there god, will not have God for their religion."
- Thomas Erskine of Linlathen

I believe that.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Came across the pond did we?

England is fantastic. The End.

They officially have the most amazing things, most of which never get over to the good U. S. of A. We did happen to snag was: Jo Malone scents, Top Shop, Ben's Cookies, Keith Richards. Today, I just got the word that Illamsqua Makeup is coming to Sephora... I have already started a fund for when this fateful day arrives. Most you don't understand how monumental this is. Maybe It just caught me off guard because the most excitement I get now a days is when I happen to receive a letter in the mail (not including bills) It's great. Open your cranium to this inspiration for greatness...

Don't worry, that's just Illamasqua's incredible Art Director.

Their motto is "unleash your alter ego." Yep, I'm all for that. Thoroughly excited for this one gang, real thrilled on this folks.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Utter success

I bought a cook book of muffin recipes. I have been trying them all out of course. I have been making so many lately, that in fact, I have ran out of ingredients.

For some reason unbeknownist to me, when the clock strikes 11 pm I have a sudden urge to bake. Not having a relationship to feed, a best friend like person, children that depend on me (they all moved home or left to exotic lands), or anyone to dote on and be a sugar momma to, we can safely say I have a plethora of muffins and baked good alike. Cooking for one is outrageously depressing, can i just state that. My roommate have been kind enough to eat my treats, and I'm glad for it. The extra intake of pastries is not on my wish list.

I needed to bake, so I went through ever recipe I had to see if I could make something out of it... to no avail. I was only one off on some of them, but I was not desperate enough to go out at 11 pm to get the missing link. I am scared to go out by myself after 10, hard to believe, I know. But I have a very vivid imagination, and some how the maintenance man who hits on me always ends up in
A) the back seat of my car.
B) under my car.
C) under the stairwell.
D) in the elevator service entrance that I park next to.
So if it can be avoided I opt out of night excursions.

I was determined to be like the cooks on Iron Chief, and make something up on the fly.

I honestly can say I'm not positive what I put into my muffins. I know the typical was there flour, butter, salt, eggs, and then I started to get ideas. YIKES. I put in the last bit of Irish Creme Hot Coco mix I had from Stephens. The I went and dumped the rest of the French Vanilla Coco in there too. I poured Sweet Cinnamon Maple Syrup in, then grabbed the Nutmeg and the freshly ground Cinnamon. No measurement were taken, it was like a mad scientist at work. All I can here in my head was from the 1985 classic "Better Off Dead," where in which the mother makes up a recipe as well.

"The recipe got wet in the rain and the pages ran together so I used my little creative mind and came up with some of the ingredients on my own. It's got raisins in it... you like raisins."

Mine did not have raisins in it, but I did swap out milk for whipping cream, and added in light brown sugar instead of the regular. that's all I can remember, I was just grabbing anything I had and was tossing it in, I feel like I have left some out. Well call those secret ingredients. To top it all off, we did a crumble top as the garnish.

They actually came out good! They are heavier than a muffin, more like a scone consistency, the crumble top was light, they rose beautifully. Dang it, I'm the next Martha Stewart! Next you'll be seeing my face on a K-mart cut out trying to hawk bath linens at you.

I'm thrilled with this new found talent for taste. Gaahhh, I wish someone would eat my labors, and confirm my abilities and future career as a pasty chief/ television personality and insider trader.

In love

Felix Vallotton has stolen my heart. I am fascinated with his woodcuts. Take plesure in some favorites. This first one is the ultimate to moi.

I apologise for the massive overload of woodcuts.