Sunday, June 28, 2009

webcam tragedy

Comes to my attention that there are two tragedies that have happened.

First off lets start with the most recant. Happened about 45 seconds ago. I was going to *title this " Webcam Tragity." when it didn't seem to look right I tried "Webcam Tragicty." This to didn't feel correct (go figure). So being lazy and not wanting to work on sounding it out anymore I looked it up on *Google how to *spell it. Tragedy, by all means did not look right, I thought for certain that I was closer with Tragity. so then I *proceeded to look it up on, I was there for convinced that this was the true spelling of the word.

On to the show! Next tragic event that has taken place is that I have figured out I have a webcam. 1. I have have this *computer for over 6 months 2. I'm positive it will be added to the list of thing that consume my time 3. I had to take the "easy walk-through" course for the program twice. Here are the *gems from my discovery.

Proud that it worked and I can skip taking the "How to" course a *third time.

Trying, that's all I can say. It hurts me too. Did I mention this is the *maiden *voyage of my black, Kate Spade reading glasses.

Some could say, technology and me aren't on good terms.

*Costume change, notice the upside-down, baby blue Hello Kitty bow.

Ample viewing of *novelty bow which in fact is still upside-down. Idiot.

My dentist says I am a "*tongue thruster," thus *having to wear my retainer for the rest of my life. The cause is that my *tongue is just a wee to big for my mouth. I have to stop myself from doing this in all pictures.

And scene.

What else did I do to waste my time today, you could wonder. I organized my clippings, took a shower, made rice, wrote a letter, thought about cleaning and added pictures to the post 2 below this one.

FOOT NOTE- all the things with stars * next to them are things I spelled *incorrectly. This list is missing about ten to twelve other words but I'm not positive if those were contributed to my poor typing. I can read *proficiently though, just can't make the turn around.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have needs too, ya know

So one told me I seemed "dull" now, that I have "lost my fire." To that sir, you are a moron. I am in no way bland, plain, typical, or any other non descript adjective. I prefer understated, if you will. Enough of that, on to my point...

I consider my self low maintenance, easy to please. I am in dire need of one thing and one thing only. This has been mulling around in the back of my mind for a copious amount of time. I can not go on any longer. I MUST, MUST go to the Zoo.

I have a yearning desire to gawk aimlessly at enclosed animals. Staring at these sad, entrapped creatures is my life's immediate goal. Can no one understand the haunting need I have everyday to do said things? I want to bask in these living statues behind glass panes. Study them until I can take no more ramblings from other patrons, guides, employs of the zoo, or who ever I convince into attending with me. Something about gazing at a life behind bars is captivating, probably why I like Oz, Let's go to Jail, Escape from Alcatraz and that show on Bravo about incarcerated men and the inner workings of such facilities. Prison is fascinating, and if I can go somewhere like it, a sudo-prison of the animal kingdom, then try to stop me.

Look forward to a post about my adventures at the Zoo soon. It's happening, trust me.

Friday, June 26, 2009

And we're back

Sorry for that momentary break gang, I needed a "mental health" day. More like a "save my sanity" month. All is well in the Alamo again.

Lets replay my last months, since I was ohh to busy to tell you about it before, I'll fill ya in real quick.

- I went to the beach as often as I could, average of 3 times a week or more. "So kenn, you must have a nice golden hue to you now? I'm thinking a healthily sun kissed glow?" Nope. Need I remind you I don't have melanin pigment in my skin. I turn I lovely shade of coral if anything. If you saw my tan lines you would see I'm at least 3 shades darker, according to Ralph Lauren paint chips. I went from a " Tennis Court White" to a "Flour Sack White." I would have killed to get all the way to "Nigerian Peony" or even a "Pale Cream," I can dream can't I?

-We got to attend a 30th birthday "I'm on a Boat" party in Newport Harbor. It was an all white party, and probably one of the better ones I have ever been to. Basically, It was a classy three story Yatch, free food and drinks, on the 2nd floor was an outrageous dance party from 7 till midnight and on the lowest deck was flat screen TVs to watch the Lakers game and a grand piano. We cruised around the harbor which was fantastic. The highlight of the night though, I didn't get sea sick like I was dreading. (refer to "Perfect in every way" to understand why I get motion sickness and the reason why more than 65% of the words with 4 letters or more are misspelled.) It was just a spiffy get together, let me just say. Let me also say, white pants flatter NO ONE! Can some one please have an all black party? Ninja themed or something, I'm dying over here, all I own is black. Come on!


- I hung out with my mum while I was home. We had some good ol times, she drove to and from California and Utah, so we had quite a bit of face time. It was stupendous. She is probably one of the funniest people I know. While out to dinner this conversation came up over life dreams.

Me- "Why are you gonna sell your business dad? Your gonna retire at 50 and get bored."
Father- "I'm gonna follow my dreams and become a Slum Lord."
Mother- (shocked face and tone) "What are you talking about? That's been his life's dream since I met him. Do you even know your own father? How do you not know that?"
Me- (confused and speechless, speechless because I'm still laughing. That silent kind that almost hurts but you just can't stop.)
Father- "All I have ever wanted out of life was a little house by the beach and the title of "slum lord." I'm a simple man."
Me- Still in awe of what I'm hearing and the seriousness of this discussion, I am still snickering and disrupting all the Vietnamese partons around us. I smartly ask my mummies " So whats your life dream ma?"
Mother- "To be a Librarian of course."
Me- "Well Naturally."
Mother- "But did you know you need a masters degree to become one?"

It continued on from there. but thats the gist of it.

So that's fun times with the family. Also the boy (Hudson, my 14 year old brother, we have called him "the boy" for as long as I can remember, it's and endering term.) turned 14 and went to his 8th grade dance. We got him some fantastic looking hush puppy's in white suede with red rubber soles, and I got him a plaid on plaid Ben Sherman shirt and tie. He was the bell of the ball.

-Nearly every other night we, we, meaning the same four people I hung out with the entire time I was home, went to harbor house. Its a swankier (pronounced swang-key-er) 24 hour Denny's. We came up with this mind blowing concoction of a chocolate, banana, peanut butter shake. If you have the chance, take it. So many outrageous conversations were had at 3 AM, so many calories were eaten and stored around my thighs, so much unsightly food was consumed, so much sleep was lost. No regrets

- 9 or my dear friends have left on missions all with in the same month. I feel like a Hen with an empty roost. My chicks have all grown up and flew the coop. I have been getting letters for the kids, giving me up-dates and request for food and miscellaneous items. My favorite letter so far is one for Dillon Boyes. On the back of the envelope it just said " HO!" extremely large, and after a sweet lil love note full of nonsense it said.....

<3 Dill

PS- You're a dirty Skank!

Glad being on a mission from our Lord hasn't changed him one bit :] hes learning to speak tagalli ( no clue how to spell that one, what ever the speak in the phillippines.) I also sent our sweet Jeshwa Punderson a survival kit full on peanut butter, a regular size package of oreo's NOT DOUBLE STUFFED! and other snacks and a tin of "commie mints" with Stalin's face and the sickle an hammer on it. I thought it was appropriate, or inappropriate since he is going to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Here is one of all of us from Halloween 2008.
*SIDE NOTE. I was a japaness Harajuku girl, nobody seemed to get it.
From Left to right please (like your reading). McKenna Louise Taylor, Dillion Michael Boyes, Joshua Adrean Punderson.

This is really the only picture of us together recantly. Dillion took me to Wicked in LA July 2008. We are so crule to eachother we refuse to be in pictures together out of spite.

- Phillipi finally got hitched so I got to be apart of that one. Great time was had by all. She looked great, and I was only 30 minute late to getting her ready. I swear I have no sense of time or the measurement, its sad really.

Lots more happened while I was home, but for those secrets, I shall keep mine.